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Employee/Visitor/Contractor Orientation - Awareness Program


The purpose of this web page is to assist Tri-Craft Inc./Tech-Matic Ind., Inc. (TC-TM) Visitors and Contractors in:

Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of TC-TM has been defined as follows: “To meet or exceed customer expectations through our commitment to Quality and Continuous Improvement.”

Safety Requirements

As visitors to our facility, your safety and well being is of the utmost importance.

Relevant Quality Objectives

As part of our ISO 9001 Quality Management System and sound business practices, TC-TM has established quality objectives at relevant functions, levels, and processes needed for the continual monitoring and improvement of our Quality Management System and Business Practices.

TC-TM is committed to enhancing the quality of our facilities, community, and is committed to continually improve our Quality Management System.

Relevant Quality Objectives pertaining to Contractors and/or Visitors include, but are not limited to:

Visitor contribution to the effectiveness of the quality management system, including the benefits of improved performance

As an Employee, Visitor or Contractor to TC-TM, you are responsible for adhering to all Quality and Safety Rules and assisting TC-TM in meeting our Quality and Safety Objectives

By following our Quality and Safety Objectives we intend to:

Employees, Visitors and Contractors are required to adhere to the following rules:

  1. The possession or use of any alcohol, illegal drugs, controlled substances, firearms and other weapons are forbidden anywhere on TC-TM premises.
  2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required on the all shop floor areas and can be provided.
  3. See your escort.
    • ANSI Z87 Safety Glasses are REQUIRED to be worn at all times within our facility.
    • Hearing Protection is required within our Stamping Manufacturing Area.
  4. Be aware of the Risks prior to entering any area of the facility.
  5. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available upon request (ask your escort).
  6. All Manufacturing and Shipping Areas are shared by pedestrians and lift trucks. Use Extreme Caution!
  7. All incidents (including “near misses”) are to be reported to the Safety Personnel immediately.
  8. Should an Emergency Situation occur, follow the instructions of your escort.
  9. All work performed at TC-TM must be performed in full compliance with all company guidelines, applicable federal, state, and local laws.
  10. If the Contractor/Visitor’s bringing any chemicals on site, they must provide applicable Safety Data Sheets (SDS) to the TC-TM Maintenance Offices for review.
  11. No cameras are allowed without Management approval.
  12. Each day upon leaving the facility, all refuse, waste or garbage must be removed and managed in accordance with company policies and procedures in order to properly maintain a clean and orderly work area.

The implications of not conforming to the quality management system requirements

Failure on the part of our Employees, Visitors, or Contractors to conform to the Quality and Safety Requirements may result in:


Your Sign In on our Visitor’s Log is an acknowledgement of your understanding and willingness to assist Tri-Craft/Tech-Matic in complying with our Awareness Program and Quality Objectives. An employee MUST witness (sign and date) policy acceptance for all new visitors/contractors.

Thank You for reading through this information and have a safe visit at Tri-Craft Inc./Tech-Matic Ind.

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